Protection when you are about to choose a roofing contractor

A lot of us tend to be overprotective when it comes to our home or for the matter finances. In the choice of roofing contractors, Oshkosh wi you would need to exercise caution. There are many who go on to be flexible with the rules. This does cause the problem to the owner along with the person who works on the roof.  You might be an honest contractor, but mistakes are bound to happen once in a while.

Before you go on to choose a roofing contractor do follow the below tips. They would prove to be a lot of handy

Compensation of workers

The obvious signs are that you will be hiring a roofing contractor to fix a leak on your roof. They do not follow the safety protocols and one of the workers breaks their leg. At this point in time, the employer would hold you responsible as you were the one entrusted with the task of repair.

To eradicate this problem it would be prudent on your part to check out whether the roofing contractor has the necessary insurance in place. This would give you complete peace of mind when you hire them.

Liability insurance

The contractor removes the shingles and leaves the roof for the day. During the night a storm appears and water seeps into your premises. You do face a lot of damages in terms of carpets, stock and moreover your furniture. The chances are that you may end up paying for the expenses on your very own.

If the roofing contractor happens to be responsible, then you need to have a proper liability insurance coverage. Just note down the list of items that are part of the coverage. The key would be to observe the exclusions.

Business license

You might be hiring a roofing contractor to work on the roof. After some days a leak might appear. You do try to get in touch with them, but the company happens to be not reachable. Then you can look up for the company via a business license. This document means that the company works in a manner to stay in the market.

Before you go on to hire them do check whether they have a business license or not. If the license does not happen to be there it means that they are not aware of what they are doing.


Lien waiver

The work of the roof happens to be over and you end up paying the contractor. After a few days, the contractor’s supplier might walk up to you and ask for payment of materials on the roof. Hereby you discover that the contractor did not pay the supplier. This is a normal instance that happens every now and then.

Once the job happens to be over you can request the contractor for a lien waiver before you pay them off. This means that if the contractor does not pay up the suppliers then you cannot be responsible in any way.