The Exotic and Perfect E Cigarette Flavours

There are various e-cigarette flavors just to lull you. You would love both the taste and the smell. You would love the variety so rare and exotic. To start with you have the Zero K flavor of the e-cigarette. This is literally the coolest flavor you can experience. You are allowed to enjoy the refreshing zing of the infused peppermint. This comes along with the burst of the perfect menthol. The Bad Apple can spoil you of other e cigar flavors. The savor is both sweet and pungent. Thus, you are made to feel delicious both ways. You can opt for best nicotine juice Australia on all counts.

The Expresso Guava Touch

With the Expresso e cigar, you can forget about the coffee house. The nicotine taste gives you the rich and the robust feel. You get the taste of the barista coffee beans. It is really ecstatic smoke that you emit. The Just Guava e cigar flavor is in fact out of the world experience. It is genuinely striking and sweet. With the inhaling, you feel like being in the tropics, and puff the sweet flavor with the best of zeal. It is a great way you can enjoy the smoke. The feeling is just wonderful. The fruity taste is so refreshing and special.

The specialty of Cherry Black and Mango Tango

You can never ignore the flavor of Cherry Black. The smell is robust, rich and aromatic. You would love the hint of cherry in the e cigar version. The same you can experience with the popular pipe tobacco. The feel is just perfectly satisfying. The Mango Tango e cigar flavor is there to fetch your sense to the sweet arena. It is the kind of juicy mango feel both lively and refreshing. Among the e-cigarette flavors this one you can pocket with glee. You will get the sweet tooth in return and feel thankful. The typical mango taste will make you feel on top of the world.

Combination of the regular with the Peach Pit

The regular flavor of the e-cigarette is just the way it is simple and unmistakable. This is one of the most popular flavors to help you with the familiar feel. This is the freshly lit tobacco taste you would love in life. Peach Pit is the usual and the apt summer flavor. It helps you with the right amount of sweetness. After the smoke, you are left with the long-lasting flavor. The essence is just rare and fantastic. You puff the same and feel so heavenly sweet.

Bora Bora with Lime and Coconut

It is time to speak about the special flavor of Bora Bora. It makes you feel like visiting the tropics. This is the zesty flavor you can boldly experience. It helps you take an exotic escape and you are meant to feel so free and fantastic. Among the special and the natural e-cigarette flavors, you can talk about the combined flavor of Lime and Coconut. This is an amalgamation of the sweet coconut milk with the tangy flavor of the island based citrus. It just tastes like a vacation to make you feel the sole refreshment.