The Importance Of Internet Security

It doesn’t matter how often you use the internet if you use it at all you need to do so securely. Cyber attacks, malware, viruses, lost files, all of these instances are becoming more and more commonplace. As technology expands and online services continue to grow, escaping the need to use technology in your everyday life is nearly impossible. That’s why it’s incredibly important to stay safe and learn safe internet practices. Especially since cases of identity fraud are on the rise. Identity fraud can really ruin a person’s life. Identity fraud can go beyond hacking an online account and hacking into banking accounts. Online criminals and hackers can steal important information like social security numbers, addresses, and more. This can lead to legal troubles, debt, and more than just simple annoyances. That’s why it’s incredibly important to stay safe when using the internet, no matter what it is you’re doing. Below are some tips and tricks for staying safe while using the internet.


Whether you’re shopping online, setting up a website for your small business, perusing social media sites, or taking advantage of online services like Uber it’s important to keep some things in mind. Something that many people don’t think of often is the importance of a password. A strong password that’s changed often is crucial to your online security. Many people use the same password for all of their accounts including social media accounts, shopping accounts, and bank accounts. This is a huge mistake! Be sure to keep track of your passwords, change them, and make them strong. A strong password includes letters and numbers, even symbols if the site will allow it.


Don’t fall prey to scams! It seems like a simple rule of thumb but these days hackers are getting savvy. Phishing scams are getting harder and harder to detect, that’s why it’s important to keep your eyes peeled. Remember the devil is in the details. Phishing scams are emails that appear to be from legitimate companies, maybe even companies you shop with like eBay, but are actually from scammers just trying to get information. When you see an email that you aren’t sure about first check the email address that it came from. Often times the senders of these scam emails won’t have an address that corresponds with the company that they say they are from. This is a dead giveaway! Don’t respond to anything with a suspicious email address. If you find an email you believe is just trying to scam information to you send it to the company they claim to be from. Reporting phishing scams are a great way to get them resolved.


Of course one of the best ways to shop, tweet, and share securely is to install security software onto your device. Finding the right kind of software can be somewhat difficulty luckily Kaspersky Lab CA makes it easy! Take advantage of their easy to use quiz that shows you what kind of software is right for you. Select your device and your security concerns and they’ll show you the software that’s best suited to your needs. Whether you’re using Kaspersky for surfing the web at home or serious business practices, they’ve got you covered!


If you keep these things in mind and stay abreast to the newest developments in the world of internet security you’ll be fine!