Are there any fake marketing statements on skin care products?

skin care

Skin care products:

Skin care products are a big industry and it is expanding at a rapid rate. A lot of new products appear on the market after every few days. There is one thing common to all the products. All of them have highly attractive statements to lure the customers. Not all of the products are good for quality. It is advised to the people by the dermatologists that just don’t believe blindly on these statements and promotional lines.

Deceiving marketing statements:

There are a lot of beauty products on the market having deceiving statements on them. It is because they are just made to get a lot of sales and company has nothing to do with the customer satisfaction. Professional cheaters are hired by the poor-quality companies to come up with such deceiving statements which would surely lure the customers.

What are those fake marketing statements?

We are going to discuss some fake marketing statements made by the beauty products’ companies about their creams, lotions and other products. Let’s discuss some of them:

1: This cream or lotion will stop the aging:

According to the latest researches, scientists are still unable to discover or come up with any product that has really anti-aging properties. There is not even a single chemical formula that would cause the aging process to slow down or completely stop it. Although, there is only one product which can really save our skin from displaying the signs of aging before time and that is sunscreen. Sunscreen protects our skin from the harmful UV rays of sunlight.

According to the survey, “anti-aging” is probably the most used term in marketing campaigns of beauty products and at the same time, it is the most deceiving term.

2: It won’t cause allergies:

It won’t cause allergies

This product is completely free from such substance like allergic reactions. According to, you will find a complete information regarding skin care product. Today, number one anti-wrinkle cream is Kremotex, which is helpful in protecting skin from damage means it is completely free from allergic chemicals.

Actually, the reason is that the allergic reactions vary and depends on the individual’s skin. Skin of some people will never react allergically to the product. But that same product may cause allergy to someone’s skin. Just remember the rule that there is no standard experimental or testing procedure to determine the allergic-free nature of the product.

3: Product was not tested on the animal:

This is another marketing stunt performed by the companies to lure the animal lovers. Animal lovers would surely fell for such products having this tag. But the reality is this that the manufacturers take ingredients from those suppliers who already tested them on animals. It is nearly impossible to roll out the product without testing them on animals. Because the product may have some problem and directly trying on human skin pose a big problem.

So, dermatologists advise the skin-conscious people to be careful in choosing the right products for them or they may fall into the trap of such cheap marketing stunts.