How To Treat Erythrophobia?

You may be a chronic blusher thinking, What is the physical reason of going red? This post will answer that query thoroughly and propel you towards a blush-free life with methods to treat it. Let’s start from knowing the physical reasons of Erythrophobia and then move ahead for the treatment.

Possible Physical Reason Of Blushing:

The physical reasons of blushing for you are most possibly a grouping of all or a few of the following:

  • Weak Digestive System
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Intake of inflammatory substances (caffeine, alcohol, sugar)
  • Reaction to recently developed food allergies

On uncommon occurrences, uncontrollable blushing may be reasoned by:

  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Carcinoid syndrome
  • Menopause (hot-flashes)

Either way, a blushing response is like an S.O.S flag from inside the body, notifying you that something is not functioning right. I’m ready to bet you fall someplace in the one to four category. Certainly you must always see a naturopath or doctor to infer what you may have. Note: Most conformist doctors are not skilled to cure digestive weaknesses or adrenal fatigue. Nutritionists and naturopaths are skilled in that area.

Tips To Stop Blushing:

Here are a few tips which can help you a lot in controlling and stopping reddening of your face.

  • Be Confident:

If you are not self-assured, you will most apt to go red. Self-assurance has the power to conquer all blushing. At times, you don’t comprehend how gorgeous you are when you feel self-assured. This part will make you emerge to acquaint what you are speaking about and it will triumph you admiration at last. When you comprehend that you are appreciated, you walk around confidently.

Blushing will turn into history and more self-assurance increases. If you’re discovering it hard to build self-confidence, try reading self aid books that try to build self-confidence.

If you hold a mirror in your hand, point a finger at your mirror-image and say, you there, you’re wonderful, the brain shifts to focus on your tremendousness leading to increased poise.

  • Hypnosis:

As a matter of fact, hypnosis has been utilized to cure extreme blushing cases. The technique uses the recreation and anxiety free calming technique. Here the person is posed in a calming condition then asked to concentrate on his blushing propensities. The expert watching the hypnosis course sets up the causes of Erythrophobia. The psychologist then tries to identify which cause affects the person most.

Once the course is over, the doctor might ask the person an array of questions. The queries asked are utilized to verify the doctor’s causes and cure is given. Cure might differ depending with the person. The person might need a series of treatment sessions to build self-confidence or the blusher might be sent to a physiologist for a physical checkup on underlying states.

Other techniques in hypnosis engage the attention to assist a person calm down after blushing. He/she might also be trained how to get rid of the attention from the dread of going red or to unwind in traumatic situations.