Gag Gifts That Will Have Your Guy Laughing Out Loud For Days

If you are planning to surprise your man with a gift and want him to remember it for a long time then Gag gifts are the best option and you can never go wrong with. These are so funny to have and they are gift items only as normally we would not buy for ourselves. So these are the perfect gifts to bring in some humor and make your man do laughing out loud in real, you know what I mean? Gym is the place for men, not anymore but there are some lazy guys who wouldn’t care about the fitness, well here is how you can encourage your man to step in the gym with these super star muscle chests, if still he doesn’t get encouraged to make those picture perfect body, never mind this super cool muscle chest will do its job. It is the funniest thing ever he could be wearing but still confident, yes he can put on this muscle chest anytime and anywhere he wants .it’s just perfect with the realistic details and the flexible material makes it comfortable to wear and it blends in the skin like real, isn’t a health and funny gift?

Here is a cool gift idea for you guy who loves outdoors and everything camo, to enhance his manly nature furthermore, give him the camao toilet paper, sounds funny but yes you can consider this as a gift as it will easily blend with all the camo theme going around, am sure he will like it. Have you heard about the beer belt? Well if you and you guy love to go camping and do lot of trekking then you can check out these useful yet a fun gift for him. This belt can hold about anything, I mean any soda cans, water bottles or even coffee cups, so it’s like a six pockets on a belt which also serves as a can holder. Here is one funniest Gift item for your guy who have trouble handling those loose coins, give him the coin drop bank , sounds very boring? Wait it could be the most exciting thing for him after you gift him the farting coin drop bank, yes a fun way to save money and have not the coins taking all the space in his apartment. It’s so funny and will make your guy laugh out every time he puts in the coins as this banks make a fart sound with every coin it takes in and even the look of this coin drop box is hilarious, totally a guy thing. Here is another cool idea to get him to work on keeping the floor clean. A super easy and cool way to show his how to clean the place in a fun way with these mop slippers, yes it’s for those lazy souls, just make him wear the mop slipper and whola ! The work is done.